Irish Shenanigans

Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland. To help celebrate there are clovers along the hall with various Irish words and meanings, these are just a few of them you…

Avoiding the College Weight

Being in college is hard, and so is maintaining healthy. For some tips and tricks to help you avoid those extra pounds stop by and read these easy changes you can make / add to your every day life. #Knowledge

March into Nutrition

March is all about nutrition and being healthy! Stop by this bulletin board to see portion sizes along with recommended foods to eat! #Health

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon is right around the corner! There is a board in the elevator bay that consists of all types of information about the event! Come out and break a sweat and dance with us along with some of the miracle kids! #Health

Love Language

Around the hallway of 5 Center are some hearts with how to say “I Love You” in many different languages! Which one is your favorite? #DiversityAndInclusion

Scoop Up A Better GPA

Scoop yourself up a better GPA by following a few of these helpful tips! #knowledge

The GoalBall Machine!

New year, new me! With every start to the new year we all have some goals in mind for ourselves. So stop by this interactive board to share yours! #IdentityDevelopment

Life Tips From A Cactus

Ever wonder what it’s like in the life of a cactus? Well look no further! Check out this board about its life tips for you! #IdentityDevelopment

Let’s Talk About Religion

Here on 5 Center we don’t judge based on background, skin color, nationality, or religion. In fact there are many different religions out there! Come by this board to read about 4 of them (: #DiversityandInclusion

Mischief Managed

Are you as stressed about everything as I am? Then you should stop by my lovely bulletin board on some ways to deal with your stress. #Health

Don’t Get Angry

Are you a hothead like me? Then you should stop by this lovely bulletin board located in the elevator bay! It will give you some advice on how to calm down. #Emotional


October 11th was national coming out Day. Coming out ranges in the LGBTQ+ community and that includes gender expression, sexual attraction, gender identity, etc. stop by my Gender-Bread board to learn more!  #diversity/inclusion