Let’s Talk About Religion

Here on 5 Center we don’t judge based on background, skin color, nationality, or religion. In fact there are many different religions out there! Come by this board to read about 4 of them (: #DiversityandInclusion Advertisements

Mischief Managed

Are you as stressed about everything as I am? Then you should stop by my lovely bulletin board on some ways to deal with your stress. #Health

Don’t Get Angry

Are you a hothead like me? Then you should stop by this lovely bulletin board located in the elevator bay! It will give you some advice on how to calm down. #Emotional


October 11th was national coming out Day. Coming out ranges in the LGBTQ+ community and that includes gender expression, sexual attraction, gender identity, etc. stop by my Gender-Bread board to learn more!  #diversity/inclusion

Testicular Cancer Awareness

Although it is breast cancer awareness month I believe it is beneficial to talk about testicular cancer as well. Stay healthy guys. Come by my board for some health tips! #health

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, make sure you are all staying healthy. Come by this board for some tips!  #health

Diversity isn’t just about black or white.

When it comes to diversity, many people think “black or white” but it’s truly much bigger than that. Diversity is: “the state of being diverse; variety.”  #diversityandinclusion

Campus Resources

UWP is full of so many amazing resources, most of which are FREE! Check some of the resources out here at my Campus Resource Guide board!  

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

In order to have a successful semester, all you need is some faith, trust, and pixie dust! The fall semester of 2017 has finally arrived and I hope your first week of school has been magical! Want to become involved? Become a more rounded student? Check out this board!